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About LA4 Curriculum of Honor

The LA4 Curriculum of Honor sets high standards for students and promotes vision and hope starting with a close look at how they treat others, especially authority figures. In the four categories, each student will learn to effectively address the problems of disrespect, anger and violence before these areas become major issues in the student’s life.

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Designed for Grades 6-9, the LA4 Life Applications Curriculum is a proactive and preventive program built around four categories of living skills:

  1. Developing Practical Living Skills
    Honor, politeness, humility and positive expression
  2. Building Strength of Character
    Character, law and order, leadership and more
  3. Clearing the Clutter
    Getting rid of fear, envy, pride and prejudice … to name a few
  4. Establishing Hope and Vision
    Achieving goals, vision and camaraderie—joining others of purpose and vision to encourage one another

LA4 is also an effective Crisis Prevention program

There is also a Bonus Section dealing with Anger and Bullying. The “Beating the Bully” lessons help kids bolster self-esteem and confidence to face and win all bullying situations that may occur at school or at any place during any point in life.

LA4 has many benefits to the students

Through reading the lessons, sharing experiences, writing in journals and practicing effective interpersonal skills, the student also builds analytical thinking skills as well as behavioral and discussion skills. Each student is empowered to “step out of the puddle of boring routine and meaningless habits … and run the race of life and win.”

LA4 is easy to implement into the classroom

LA4 was written by a former schoolteacher with the classroom teacher in mind. As a result, LA4 requires very little preparation time. The 12-20 minute lessons are easy to fit into any teacher’s schedule and can develop into a semester-long program. It’s especially appropriate for homeroom and advisor/advisee programs or as a supplement to English or Health classes. Teachers are equipped with the same LA4 materials as the students. The students become so interactive with the lessons that the course propels itself.


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